The Cambridge Latin: Felix

Many Pompeiians were drinking wine in the inn. Clemens entered the inn. Suddenly Clemens shouted, “Felix.” Clemens happily greeted Felix. Felix was a freedman. Clemens invited Felix to the house. Clemens and Felix entered the house. Clemens looked for Caecilius and Metella. Caecilius was writing in  the study. Metella was sitting in the garden. Caecilius and Metella hurried to the atrium and greeted Felix. After Quintus entered the atrium, Felix looked at the young man. The freedman was very moved. He almost was crying; but collected himself. Then Clemens hurried to the kitchen. Grumio was sleeping in the kitchen. Clemens woke Grumio up and told him the whole story. The cook, because he was happy, prepared a very good dinner.


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