English Lesson 100 Essay

Many autobiographies have sections where the author uses dialogue. This can help liven up the book, as it is usually more enjoyable to read than descriptions and gives a nice change of pace. I have another post on this. However, up till the past century, voice recording was not available, and if there was no one to write it down, nobody would. So most writers have used recreations of conversations from within their memories; sometimes doing a very good job with accuracy, and sometimes inventing the entire thing while still advancing the plot and their point thereby doing a good job too. ???

Sentence is long and very very messy intentionally.

But now the question at hand: should I use recreated dialogue in my autobiography?

Recreating dialogue can embellish your story, making it more interesting to read. It can also help give specific words to specific people, and often just doesn’t work any other way. But here is the thing. Recreating your dialogues from memory can accidentally misinterpret people’s personalities and actions. You may get people complaining about your accuracy. And you don’t have to do this. You can do all these things without this by using vocabulary, timing, and good questions.

Sorry for the ending, it used to be much better, but I forgot to save the draft and forgot what I had written, so this is very different.


One thought on “English Lesson 100 Essay

  1. You have created a fragment again by your semicolon in the last sentence of paragraph 1. Semicolons separate equal parts. Yours is separating a complete sentence from phrases. And there should be a comma before thereby. You are right about the ending being very poor. Your use of “get” is very informal, and your use of pronouns is vague. The length is probably way short of your assignment.


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