English Lesson 95 Essay (I’m finally caught up!:) 100 words on the target audience for my autobiography

When writing an autobiography, there are three general target audiences that are usually selected. I could write the autobiography for myself, for my family and friends, or for the whole world. I do not need to explain the benefits of these, as I have already done so. While I have no real idea of what God has in store for me, or even what I plan to do, I will most likely write for the second audience.

Why? Well, writing for only myself would keep a record of my life, and give me some writing experience, but what is the point of doing this without someone to share it with? I would also probably do a horrible job without some help.

On the other hand, writing for the public would be a bit of a hassle. It is easier than ever to do this today, but there isn’t much point in doing so unless something very crazy happens to me later.


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