English Lesson 90 Essay

What benefits could I get from writing an autobiography?

When most people think of autobiographies, they normally associate them with hugely popular or wealthy people such as Warren Buffet or Bill Gates. They normally think of autobiographies as things that people who had large influence in the world write, so that their children, fans, and other people could read about how their life once they’ve passed on. For the most part, autobiographies are made by these people, but that doesn’t mean that “regular” people can’t write them too. The best way to start an autobiography isn’t by sitting down and trying to write it, but by starting at a young age by keeping a journal. There’s are huge advantages and benefits from writing an autobiography of your own, no matter what social status that you hold. Yes, you’re not likely to make much money on it, and only a select few people are probably going to read it, but there are still benefits.
The first benefit is the most obvious one, that it’s a great way to save your memories, and a documentation of your life. Even if only a few people are going to read your autobiography, it’s a great way to keep your important memories in order. Writing an autobiography can be helpful in getting your entire life story right in your head, along with getting it right on paper. As you’re writing down your story, you’re likely to remember important and treasured memories that just got lost through the years. Once you’ve written your autobiography, it’s a great thing to have around, simply so that you can go back and re-read it once in a while.
You can also write an autobiography with the purpose of leaving a legacy, a handbook for your children. You could leave a story of the things that you wished that you did different in your life, in attempt to possibly keep your children from making the same mistakes. If you were fortunate enough to own a business, you could leave information about the business in your autobiography, such as how you built it and how you kept it alive. This would be a great way to keep your legacy alive long after you’re dead, and a great way to even teach other people how to start their own business.
If you happen to be a famous, popular, or influential, there are some more benefits for making an autobiography. You could sell your autobiography online or at book stores, and if you’re popular enough, you could make quite a large sum of money. If you had a particularly interesting life, you might gain even more of a reputation for your interesting autobiography.
Without a doubt, writing an autobiography can have benefits for everyone. There will obviously be different benefits for different people, but I find it hard to imagine any person that wouldn’t gain some benefit from writing an autobiography in the future. An autobiography is helpful for the both the writer, and the reader.


One thought on “English Lesson 90 Essay

  1. You are having problems with tense. In the first paragraph, use “can” instead of “could.” Change “by keeping” to “to keep” to maintain parallelism. Why do you have 2 verbs in “There’s are”? Say “No, You’re not likely.” In 3d paragraph “that you wish you had done differently.” Delete “a” before “famous.” Delete comma in last sentence. You would have found most of these mistakes if you had proofread.


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