Business 1 Lesson 15 Essay: Why Is Running My Own Business a Way to Guarantee My Employment in 2030?

Launching a business is a risky move. Most small businesses do not make it for very long. They either go bankrupt or they simply never gain any notice. But a business is one of the most secure ways to make a living. What? Din’t I just say it was risky? Yes. But if you do successfully launch the business, and get enough traffic, you will have a usually steady stream of income to rely on.

That is, for most businesses. Some are seasonal. Sometimes you may run short of supplies. But the biggest advantage is that no one can fire you. Actually, that is not true. A business owner probably gets fired more times than a person in any other profession. Any of your customers can just stop and say “I didn’t like that last product. I’m not buying anything from there again.” But no one person can put a stop to your income, unless your business is not running well.

Added to this is the coming of robots. Yes, they already exist and are not replacing an extraordinary amount of jobs yet. But robots are becoming more advanced every year. Moore’s law is slowing down, but people are looking for other materials to use for computer chips besides silicon. They will take over transportation, filing, court case evidence, and most routine jobs.

But running a business is simply something that a robot cannot do yet. It requires the motivation to start it, the time and effort to work it, and most importantly the managing skills to make sure that it does not crash. I do not believe that a robot can make all the decisions required to run a business successfully. At least they won’t be able to before 2030.

This is why launching a successful business is a way to guarantee employment in 2030 (nearly.)


One thought on “Business 1 Lesson 15 Essay: Why Is Running My Own Business a Way to Guarantee My Employment in 2030?

  1. Edward, This essay looks like a first draft. You have spelling, misplaced modifier, fragment, strange paragraphing, and changes of direction that don’t measure up to a finished product. Read over this again and see if you can’t see some of these problems. You also used the word “amount” where you should have used “number.”


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