The Cambridge Latin: Metella and Melissa

Metella, after Caecilius and Quintus and Felix proceeded to hunt, was searching for Melissa. Metella enters the kitchen, where Grumio was working. Grumio was mad. “Why are you mad, Grumio? Why do you look around angrily?” replied Metella. “Melissa prepared a good dinner yesterday. ” responded the cook.
“Today I prepared a very bad dinner, so no one ate the food. Yesterday a lot of food was left in the kitchen. The slave girls made all the food. Melissa is pretty but is a pest!”
Metella left the kitchen and hurried to the study, where Clemens was working. Clemens was also angry. ” Melissa is beautiful but she is such a pest!” shouted the slave. “What has Melissa done?” asked Metella. ” Yesterday Melissa was working in the study,” responded Clemens ” Look! The wax tablets and pens are not here. Nothing is in its right place.” Metella after she left the study, went to the garden. Metella saw Melissa in the garden. Alas the slave girl was crying. “Why are you crying?” asked Metella. “I am crying because Grumio and Clemens told me off,”  responded the slave girl. ” I, however do not tell you off ,” said Metella. “I praise you. Look! You arrange my hair very well. You arrange my dress very well. Perhaps Grumio and Clemens do not praise you; but I praise you take care of me.”


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