Rewriting: A Brother of St Francis

I was talking to my friend some time ago about the feelings I had when I was watching a hippopotamus.  After I expressed my thoughts about the vulgar animal, she said “You don’t like thinking about a hippo? Look at a pig! There is something worth thinking over!” Most people hate thinking about scary things. But it is better to confront your fears than to ignore them. So maybe it would be better today to go watch pigs than sitting in your garden again.

There is the pig, just lying in the sun, blinking at me. (Good thing he doesn’t know I like bacon.)  With the gaping mouth, the rough skin, and the tusks, he looks like he should belong in a very much older world. If you let a pig out, the first thing he is going to do is find the closest mud puddle and jump right in. Rolling around in the gooey mess, he looks unreal and like he might just melt into the mud. But he is as real as the ground and the animals and people that will eventually turn him into hamburgers.

The pig is very dirty. Really? Is it possible that he can be as dirty as man? The slums of cities are just as dirty. And even when he is wallowing in the mud, he does it to get clean. That’s why it is called a mud bath. The pig eats a lot. So do gluttons. He pushes other pigs around. So do we. There is a whole school of people that try to make pushing politics around a necessity of society. He shrieks if you touch his food? I have heard of a whole group of polite people that went mad when it was suggested that they should give some wealth to the poor. He has a short temper? So do we. He has carnal desires? Far worse we do. He will fight anyone? Look to war. He is cruel. Well even children can be so. For everything else, look to history, not as it has been made out to be, but as it actually was.

No, he has no cold cunning. He is all simple. I have been told that it is possible to love him. I know an old French lady who takes her pig out for a walk on the beach every afternoon in the summertime. He makes no trouble, he follows at a single command, frolicking along the sand, eating shrimps and seaweed. Surely then, the pig is our good little brother, and we have no right to be disgusted at him.


2 thoughts on “Rewriting: A Brother of St Francis

  1. Edward, you need to proofread your writing. You had 2 errors in your 2d sentence and an ungrammatical verb use later. The pig is “lying,” not “laying.”


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