The Cambridge Latin: The Ferocious Animal

The next day, Felix came to the study. Caecilius invited him to hunt. “A huge boar,” said Caecilius, “lies hidden on Mt. Vesuvius. My friends often saw this boar. However, this animal is fierce. The friends have never caught him. “I am a brave hunter,” replied Felix. “Perhaps I fear a dead gladiator. However a boar does not care me! Why isn’t Quintus invited to the hunt? Surely Quintus does not fear the boar?” Therefor Caecilius called for his son. A very happy Quintus grabbed a long spear and hurries with his father and freeman to hunt. Many servants and many dogs were there. All proceeded to the mountain, where the boar lay hidden. A servant, after catching sight of the boar, made a shout. The fierce boar, who heard the shout, made a charge. Felix threw his hunting spear, but it did not hit the boar. The freedman, who had fallen to the ground, shouted, “Alas! The boar is attacking me!” Quintus bravely stepped forward and threw his hunting spear. Look! It stabbed the boar. the huge boar fell to the ground dead. “Hurrah!” shouted Caecilius. “Once Felix was Quintus’ servant. Now my son is Felix’s servant!


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