The Cambridge Latin 1: After Dinner

After Caecilius explained the truth, all the friends were silent. Soon, all the friends said “Goodbye,” and left the house. They nervously proceeded through the street. No stars shone. No moon was in the sky. The friends heard nothing, because the streets were deserted. The friends proceeded quietly, because they were afraid of the ghost. Suddenly a cat howled. The friends were very afraid. Frightened, they all rushed through the city, because they were despairing for their lives. They were making a strange uproar. Many Pompeians were worried, because they heard the uproar. However, Caecilius did not hear the uproar, because he was asleep in the bedroom.


2 thoughts on “The Cambridge Latin 1: After Dinner

    • The attachment that you sent me had no comments in it. But I fixed the grammatical error from the conference post. I am leaving for Winterfest at 6:30 AM today so I will not be able to answer comments for two days.


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