The Cambridge Latin 1: Decens

After Felix told the marvelous story, Caecilius and his guests applauded. Then everyone was silent and awaiting another story. Suddenly the heard a shout. Everyone but Clemens hurried to the atrium and Clemens stayed.

Caecilius: By Hercules! What is it? Did you hear the scream?

Clemens: Decens, Decens…

Caecilius: What is it?

Clemens: Decens is dead.

Everyone: What? Dead? Oh dear!

(2 servants enter)

Caecilius: Why do you say this?

First servant: My master was coming from your house. The master caught sight of a gladiator near the amphitheater.

Second servant: The gladiator frightened the master because he was brandishing a huge sword. Then the gladiator shouted, “You don’t frighten me, lion, you don’t frighten me! Lions killed my friend in the arena, but you don’t frighten me!”

First servant: Decens was very afraid. “You are insane,” replied the master. “I am not a lion, I am a man.”

Second slave: However, the gladiator fiercely attacked the master and dragged him into the amphitheater. Terrified, the master shouted. Clemens heard the loud noise.

First slave: Because Clemens was brave, he entered the amphitheater. My master was dead.

Caecilius: I understand the truth! The gladiator was Pugnax. Pugnax was a very well-known gladiator. Pugnax once fought in the arena, and a lion killed him. Pugnax is not alive: Pugnax is a ghost. The ghost killed Decens.


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