The Cambridge Latin: Felix and the Thief

After dinner Quintus asked, “Father why is Felix now free? Once he was your servant.”Then the father told the whole story.

Caecilius: Felix was once writing in the study. Felix was alone. Clemens and Grumio were looking for food in the forum. Metella was out, because she was visiting her sister.

Felix: Your father was out, because he was looking after his bank in the forum.

Caecilius: No one was in the house except Felix and a baby. The little baby was sleeping in the bedroom. Suddenly a thief entered the door. The thief quietly looked around the atrium; quietly entered the bedroom, where the baby was. Felix did not hear, because he was intently working. The thief began to carry the little baby quietly out of the house. Suddenly the baby cried. Felix, after hearing the baby, at once hurried from the study. “Scoundrel!” Felix angrily shouted, and fiercely punched the thief. Felix almost killed the thief. In that way Felix saved the baby.

Felix: The master, after hearing the story, was happy and freed me. Therefore I am a freedman.

Quintus: But who was the baby?

Caecilius: He was Quintus!


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