Personal Finance: How my course has changed my life

Honestly, I don’t think my long-term goals have changed much. My family has already implemented several of these ideas, and I don’t see how I am supposed to meet the word count, but here they are.

I must admit I had never thought about starting my own business, or really about what I would do after college at all. Or even if I would go to college. I had a car to buy on my mind already, but this course still influenced that decision. Now I am thinking about all sorts of ideas, most of which seem to make no sense, but I am still confronted with some very real possibilities. What am I to do to earn money to buy a car?  Which car? Should I prefer fuel economy over price? What about car insurance? What about college? What college should I go to? Which sort of loan should I take out? Should I even go to college? What about after that? How do I get a job? What do I do at an interview? What do I do if I get fired? These are all questions that I never thought about before.

So it seems I have met my word count and have completed this assignment. I now have some decisions to make that I never had before.


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