The Cambridge Latin: Character Statements

Grumio: I am a cook. I cook dinner.

Caecilius: I am a banker. I count money.

Pantagathus: I am a barber. I trim beards.

Syphax: I am a slave-trader. I sell slaves.

Poet: I am a poet. I recite verses.

Celer: I am a painter. I paint lions.

Quintus: What do you cook?

Grumio: I cook dinner.

Quintus: What do you count?

Caecilius: I count money.

Quintus: What do you trim?

Barber: I trim beards.

Quintus: What do you sell?

Slave-trader: I sell slaves.

Quintus: What do you recite?

Poet: I recite verses.

Quintus: What do you paint?

Painter: I paint lions

Metella: Who are you?

Slave-girl: I am Melissa.

Metella: Who are you?

Slave-trader: I am Syphax.

Metella: Who are you?

Barber: I am Pantagathus.


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