The Venus Flytrap Description

The venus flytrap is a carnivorous plant that lives in the swamps of South Carolina. It is the most famous of all the carnivorous plants. It cannot get all of its nutrients from the soil, so it eats flies and other insects. It has a number of leaves with interlocking teeth that secrete nectar. Each leaf usually has 6 trigger hairs on it. When only one hair is touched, nothing happens. When two or more hairs are touched in succession, the leaf closes. The plant digests the bug, and then releases the exoskeleton.

Some animals use the venus flytrap for food. Its texture and composition make it a disgusting meal, but a starving animal will eat it up. The venus flytrap is also used to treat cancer. Carnivora® is a drug that is made from the juice of the flytrap that shrinks solid tumors. It is claimed to also help the body’s immune system and works best for people that have not done chemo or radiation therapy.


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