Writing with Skill Week 7 Day 2

Taking Notes: The Wright Brothers


“Typical brothers, teasing each other, disagreeing… dreaming of new experiences and distant horizons. ( Dixon-Engel & Jackson, p. 2)

“both enjoyed tinkering with mechanical devices” (D-E & J, p. 2)

“Neither brother especially enjoyed schoolwork” but “Both were curious and loved to learn” (D-E & J, p.7)

Never attended college  or graduated from high school (Fred C. Kelly, p. 3)

“they always had a joint bank account, and neither paid the slightest attention to what the other drew out for his own use” (FCK, p.3)

“Relished their roles as uncles and… felt very close to all their nieces and nephews.” (Stephanie Sammartino McPhearson & Joseph Sammartino Gardner, pp. 26-27)



outgoing, mischief-maker (D-E & J, p.6)

“budding businessman from the age of six,” collected scrap metal and kites (D-E & J, p.7)

“Developed a close friendship with Agnes Osborn” (SSP & JSG, p. 26)

Feared cars would obsolete bicycles (SSP & JSG, p.28)


shy, daydreaming, “sharp mind that was always in motion” (D-E & J, p.6)

“athlete and gymnast” (D-E & J, p.6)

Treated Orville as “a kid brother” (FCK, p.3)

“wanted to grapple with issues and ideas” (SSP & JSG, p. 27)


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