Writing with Skill Week 7 Day 1


  1. Introduction
  2. Environment
    1. Dominican
      1. More rain
      2. Higher rates of plant growth
      3. Higher mountains
      4. Rivers flow eastward
      5. Broad valleys, plains, plateaus
      6. Much thicker soil
    2. Haitian
      1. Drier
      2. Barrier of high mountains
      3. Less flat land
      4. More limestone
      5. Thinner, less fertile soil
  3. Colonial history
    1. Haiti
      1. Colony of France
      2. Active development from France
      3. Lots more imported slaves
    2. Dominican Republic
      1. Colony of Spain
      2. Neglected by Spain
  4. Population
    1. Haiti
      1. Population 7 times higher then, 5/4 times higher now
      2. Area about 1/2 the size of the Dominican Republic
      3. Double Republic population density
  5. Trade
    1. Haitians
      1. Independent
      2. Had no government help with trade
    2. Dominican
      1. Developed overseas trade



2 thoughts on “Writing with Skill Week 7 Day 1

  1. I wish I could see what you read. An important rule in comparisons is to always keep the points in the same order. If you do Haiti first in the first comparison point, you should do Haiti first in all of them. On the population point, you did not include both countries. Was there no information given? And I did not understand the 5/4 point. In your first section you did a good job of staying parallel but there is one point missing–nothing about rivers. I hope this helps!


    • The way it worked was I followed the order of the essay. The outline was already filled in except the third level for the fourth, fifth, and sixth paragraphs. I had to fill in those myself.


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