Writing with Skill Week 6 Day 2

Composition Conclusion Choices

#1: Conclusion by Summary

In conclusion, even though their body structures, diets, and ways of caring for their families are very different, the platypus and the beaver are connected in that they have the same base root, a cloaca, and care for their young.

#2: Conclusion by Personal Reaction

While the beaver and the platypus are very similar in ways that other mammals are not, and the basic practices would be the same if I had one or the other as a pet or a neighbor, I would prefer the beaver as a caring family. And let’s face it, beaver kits just look cuter.

#3: Conclusion by Question

As you read over this material, which do you think is more interesting? appealing? less annoying? What about which you would rather have living in your backyard?

Same as last post, vote on the one you think most fits the platypus vs. beaver composition.


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