Writing with Skill Week 6 Day 1

Composition Introduction Choices

#1: Introduction by Summary

While the platypus and the beaver seem to be very different, they have many things in common that most mammals do not.

#2: Introduction by History

When the first skin of a platypus was introduced to the world, people thought it was a trick, like the famous Fiji Mermaid. When expeditions went underway, scientists discovered that it was not just real, but weirder than they ever imagined.

#3: Introduction by Anecdote

A platypus swims in the Amazon river, using its electro-sensory organs to find crayfish in the murky water. Hundreds up miles northward, a family of beavers huddles together in their den, shielded from the icy wind by careful construction.

Please comment on the introduction that you think most suits the platypus-to-beaver composition. The winner will be added to the beginning of the composition.


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