Writing with Skill Week 5 Day 3

Beavers and platypus both belong to the class of mammals. They both have a cloaca, suckle the babies, and are warm-blooded. But while platypus have a bill like a duck, beavers have a huge skull with massive front teeth.

Female platypus lay 2 soft shelled white eggs that stick together in a tunnel. The baby platypus is naked and blind, and its eyes do not open for 11 months. It is weaned at nearly 4 months.

Beavers spend a lot of time raising their young. The families consist of one pair of parent beavers, the yearlings from the last year, and the kits from the current year. The yearlings help the parents by babysitting. The beaver kits are born with soft fluffy fur that makes them so buoyant that they cannot get out of the nest.

Platypus eat crayfish and worms. Beavers, however, eat twigs and bark, and will snack on fruits and veggies when they get the chance.


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