Neusiok Trail Hike: Postreflection

We went on a hike through the northern portion of Neusiok Trail on March 30  . The length of the portion of trail was 6.9 miles, and went through woods, by a beach, a river with tea-colored water, and a picnic area at the end. The weather was nice and cool, the terrain was hilly but not too steep most of the time, and the beach breeze was refreshing. Now I said most of the time, because there was this swampy area which probably used to be a river. It was so muddy hat there was a boardwalk every time we crossed it.

We saw lots of butterflies, and as William had left his bug-catching equipment at home, he was really disappointed. He improvised by using a bright blue Food Lion grocery bag, and actually caught a moth and a greyish blue butterfly, both the size of his thumb.

We ate our lunch at a picnic table on Pine Cliff, overlooking the beach. (This was not the main picnic area.) We then passed through an overgrown section with lots of poison ivy. Thankfully it seemed like someone had recently come in and done some bushwhacking. We finally made it to the main picnic area, also overlooking the beach.

There was a bird-of-prey’s nest up in a tree, and the chicks were calling out to the hovering father, “Daddy, Daddy, give us food to eat!” We left the trail and got to get slushes at a gas station. It felt good to take my heavy snow boots off.  I learned that you can go a lot faster with 3 bigger boys than 6 smaller boys.


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