Week 3 Day 3

Taking Notes

The Gold Country (Life, 1948)

p. 44

James Wilson Marshall stumbled upon gold at John Sutter’s sawmill

He saw it in the riverbed and panned it out

The date was Jan 24 1848

He showed Sutter and they tried to keep it a secret

They failed, and people “dropped their tools, left their farms and trading posts, deserted ships in the harbors and stampeded toward Sutter’s Mill”

Some people said that “the gold talk was only a Yankee trick”

“They stayed in California and made a thriving territory and then a state out of a remote area which might have remained empty for many years.

More than $2 1/4 billion in gold has been harvested

James Marshall died “penniless and all alone in a shack not far from Sutter’s mill”

Stewart White, The Forty Niners: A Chronicle of the California Trail and El Dorado (Oxford University Press, 1920)

p. 55

At the time of the discovery of the gold, “the hard times of the Forties had blanketed the East with mortgages”

Communities sent out people to go get gold


“Even in California interest was rather tepid at first”


Sam Brannan  brought nuggets and showed them around

“With such a start, this new interest brought about a stampede that nearly depopulated the city”


“Gold was so abundant that is was much easier to dig it than to steal it”

Bob Behme, Pan for gold this summer-here’s how and where (Popular Mechanics, 1974)

pp. 82-85

Easiest to find  are near roots and grasses and bottoms of streams

Pan gold by swishing water in a pan and letting the gold settle to the bottom



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