Writing With Skill Week 2 Day 3


The household dishwasher is a machine used to clean dirty food containers, or more commonly put, wash dishes! It saves the trouble of having to clean dishes by hand, and is also definitely one of the most common household appliances.

The dishwasher is basically a cubical box with a door on one side and lots of water pipes connected to the back and bottom of it. The interior holds either one or two differently structured dish racks,  spinning sprayers similar to sprinklers, and a silverware tray. On the inside of the door is either one or two soap holders and a rinse agent container. On the exterior is, depending on the brand and quality, several knobs or buttons, and maybe a lever to close and lock it. The knobs or buttons allow for settings to adjust things such as water temperature, length of cycle, number of stages, etc.; and the number of options is usually based on the quality and cost of the dishwasher. The cycle is activated by first putting either liquid dishwasher soap or a special packet or nugget of soap, and then closing and locking it and pushing the on button or turning the knob.

The dishwasher operates by using the sprayer(s) to blast the dishes with hot or cold water. In the first stage the soap in the soap storage is released and mixed with the water, thus cleaning the dishes more effectively. Next, the dishes are typically rinsed with cold water, and left to dry. An additional stage may be added, in which a burner similar to that in an electric stove is activated and heats up the entire dishwasher, drying the dishes faster but extending the time of the cycle and possibly raising the user’s electrical bill.


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