Personal Finance Essay #2: Three Things to Change to Use Time Better

People who run out of time a lot… well they find themselves always doing last minute rushes to do stuff before it’s due. Procrastination is one of the greatest enemies to efficient time use. Here are some ways to fight this formidable enemy: 

  1. Set a Calendar: A calendar of some sort is definitely a good first step towards efficient time management. If you have a smartphone or tablet, computer, etc., then great. You can set automatic reminders. But at the same time, avoid over scheduling. Don’t plan every minute of your day. You need flexibility.
  2. Don’t commit to too much: While social activities are not a bad thing, too many can be a drag. If you sign up for Boy or Girl Scouts, and soccer practice, and movie club, and promise your friend a visit, you see what I mean. Leave out some extra time for studying, family time, and anything else you normally do outside of your social circles.
  3. Add 25% for the unexpected: Similar to both of the above, this technique helps if, for instance, you forgot that you have to drop off your book at the library. It just helps avoid rushing.



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