Writing with Skill Week 1 Day Assignment


Summary #1

Milton Hershey did lots of tests before making his chocolate. He accidentally made it a little sour. It became wildly popular, and Hershey sold 2 million dollars worth of it. Europeans, however, did not like it and said the sour taste made it almost inedible.

Outline #1

  1. Hershey’s final success
    1. The chocolate’s texture
    2. Its unique flavor
  2. The chocolate’s success
    1. Its popularity
    2. Its sales
  3.  The European’s reaction
    1. Their opinion of it
    2. Their opinion of Hershey

Outline #2

  1. Types of eating chocolate
    1. Sweet chocolate
    2. Milk chocolate
  2. Grinding
  3. Conching
    1. Machines
    2. Process
  4. After the conching
    1. Tempering
    2. Molding
  5. After the molding
    1. Cooling
    2. Packaging

Summary #2

Sweet chocolate is made by mixing the ingredients until they are almost like dough. Then it is sent through rollers and turned into a paste. Next, it goes through what is called counting, plowed back and forth for up to several days. After that, it is tempered, molded, cooled, and packaged.



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