Writing with Skill Week 1 Day 1

Summary #1

Louis XV, king of France was harsh and unmerciful to his 25,000,000 peasants. When he died, the people were glad, and they hoped that his son would be nicer. But he was just as bad as his father, and the one person that was a friend of the people was removed from office.


The Colorado River drops over 13,000 feet over a short distance. This makes it very fast and powerfully erosive. It picks up so much sediment that until it was dammed up, it carried twice as much dirt as water.


The right of treasure-trove meant that if someone found treasure on your property, then they had to give it to you. One of Richard Coeur de Lion’s dukes found a heap of gold on one of Richard’s fields. Since the duke would not give up the treasure, Richard stormed the dukes castle, and was shot by a crossbow bolt.


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